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New Dealer Recruitment

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Types of Business

Nippon Menard Malaysia offers 2 types of business for your reference. You may choose the business type based on your interest. View the below tab for the business type options.


Facial Salon (Standalone Shop Type)
Build your standalone salon that is equip with display area, counselling area, facial room and make up area suitable for Menard Business.

Facial Saloon (Facial Room in Shop Type)
Build your facial room inside a shop such as hair salon or fashion boutique, to provide customers with beauty advice, facial services, and home care products.

Home Base

Build your facial room at home, let customer enjoy the beauty advice, beauty services and home care products in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


How to become a Dealer

Please view the below process on how to become a Menard Dealer.


Please click the frequently asked questions below for the answers.

1. How can I become Menard Dealer?

A: First of all we need to arrange an interview with you before signing you up as our dealer.

2. If I am keen to become Menard dealer; what is the minimum order I need to purchase?

A: We do not have any specific amount required to become our dealer.

3. How much do I need to order to enjoy free delivery services?

A: You will enjoy free delivery with the minimum of RM500 (retail price) per order.

4. Do you offer training to dealers?

A: Yes, we offer training to all dealers.

5. Currently how many dealers do you have in Malaysia?

A: We have 85 retailers at this moment.

6. Why is Menard only selling products through Facial Salon instead of setting up own counters at various Departmental stores?

A: Menard believes in 1-to-1 consultation and hopes to understand customers’ needs in order to offer personal beauty solution to each and every customer. Through this method only we are able to build a close and trusted relationship with our customers.

7. Does Menard carry out product advertisement?

A: Menard believe in mouth to mouth recommendation; therefore we do not advertise but we will do PR activity with the media.

8. Does Menard have suitable products to cater for customers of various age groups?

A: We have many ranges of product that can cater for customers of various age groups.

9. What is Menard’s signature product?

A: Menard Embellir Skin Care product is our signature range of products. Embellir is an anti-aging range that uses Red Reishi and Black Reishi as the key ingredient to deliver the anti-aging result.

10. Is Menard Embellir suitable for all skin type?

A: Yes, Embellir is suitable for all skin type.