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Menard Authent Mask

Neck: 1 sheet (27 ml, 28 g, .98 Oz.)

Face: 1 sheet (39 ml, 40 g, 1.4 Oz.)

For an instantaneous, dramatic impression.

The concentrated essence seems to blend with your skin, covering it like a fine veil of newly born skin.

Feel how it carefully works its way throughout your skin to refine its texture.

It provides a firm and moist touch to the face, neck, and décolletage, for beautiful, haute couture skin.

AUTHENT MASK promises luxurious satisfaction with the scent of AUTHENT CREAM.

The Unique Ingredients (click to know more...)

Moisturizing Ingredients 

  • (Face) Sweet cherry seed extract *1, Boat sterculia seed extract *2, Purple barley seed extract *3
  • (Neck) Sweet cherry seed extract *1, Dictyophora indusiata extract *4


*1: Prunus avium seed extract
*2: Sterculia scaphigera seed extract
*3: Hordeum vulgare seed extract
*4: Dictyophora indusiata fruiting body extract

Directions for use
Please view the below video on how to use Menard Authent mask.