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Embellir Refresh Massage AK

160 g, 5.6 Oz. (Night)

Massage and cleansing cream that leads to soft, moisture – rich skin with a feeling of elasticity.

Product features:

- It can be either rinsed away with (lukewarm) water or wiped off with tissue paper, whether used for massage or cleansing.

- This product uses “Moisture Layer Emulsion”. which imitates the layered structure of the inter cellular lipids of the horny layer. it protects a moist feeling by creating a moisture layer similar to the inter cellular lipids on top of skin after application.

As massage cream:

- The rich cream melts on skin to provide a pleasant-feeling massage.

- It helps to remove waste and promote blood flow, leading to bright and healthy complexion (*effect obtain through massage)

As cleaning cream:

- The rich cream blends with makeup smoothly and offers comfortable face cleaning.

- After cleansing, it leads to soft, moisture -rich skin with a feeling of elasticity.

The Unique Ingredients (click to know more...)

Red Reishi Extract and Black Reishi Extract (Moisturizing ingredient)


Directions for use

Place an appropriate amount (the size of the one and half of cherries, about 2.5 g) on the fingertips and blend over the entire face, then massage or cleanse. then, rinse away with (lukewarm) water or wipe off with tissue paper.