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Fairlucent Clear Lotion

160 ml, 5.4 FL. Oz.

A clarifying lotion that conditions skin by clearly removing old horny cells, leading to “a beautifully lucent skin” that’s smooth, bright and translucent.

The Unique Ingredients (click to know more...)

・Centella Asiatica Leaf/Stem Extract (skin conditioning ingredient)

・CyclocaryaPaliurus Leaf Extract (skin conditioning ingredient)

・Sucrose Laurate, Hydrogenated Lecithin (horny cells softening ingredient)

Directions for use

After washing, apply a sufficient amount (approx. 3.0 mL) on a cotton pad all the way through, pat it onto the face, and wipe gently, avoiding the area around the eyes.After use, condition the skin with lotion.Use the product on the neck, hands, and other areas, which are more likely to be exposed to UV rays.