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Autostep Eyebrow Pencil # 03, 57F, 58

.17 g, .0059 Oz.


A retractable brow pencil with brush end. Draws a beautiful eyebrow with a soft and smooth touch. Functional design for easy and perfect eye makeup. By utilizing Rambutan Extact, it provides high treatment effect to eyelashes and eyebrows.

The Unique Ingredients (click to know more...)

Rambutan Extract:

Rambutan extract has a treatment effect for helping hair growth.

Available Colors:

Auto Step Eyebrow Pencil03
Auto Step Eyebrow Pencil57F
Auto Step Eyebrow Pencil58

Directions for use
Swivel up 2-3mm and draw with short strokes close to lash line. Use the sponge-tip to create a natural finish. For wet application, dip the point of the pencil lead in water and blend on the back of the hand before use.